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  1. Aug 25,  · From the split "De Miseria Humaniae Conditionis", together with Solitude Project.
  2. Nihil Me Mulcere Potest. More by Solitude Project. Trust In U. Elevate Me. Berlin Techno Sessions, Vol. Vintage Avenue Selections Vol. 1. Coldest Season Sampler Vol. 1. More Solitude Project. Listen to De Miseria Humanae Conditionis now.
  3. Sep 18,  · "Nihi durare potest" fa parte di una serie di testi latini di vario genere che ho scelto di musicare per voce e citara (di poco dissimile da una lira o .
  4. Quod in homine multo est evidentius, primum ex ea caritate quae est inter natos et parentis, quae dirimi nisi detestabili scelere non potest, deinde cum similis sensus exstitit amoris, si aliquem nacti sumus, cuius cum moribus et natura congruamus, quod in eo quasi lumen aliquod probitatis et virtutis perspicere 28 videamur. Nihil est enim.
  5. Etymology. The phrase, originally from Latin ("ipse se nihil scire id unum sciat"), is a possible paraphrase from a Greek text (see below). It is also quoted as "scio me nihil scire" or "scio me nescire".It was later back-translated to Katharevousa Greek as "[ἓν οἶδα ὅτι] οὐδὲν οἶδα", [èn oîda óti] oudèn oîda).. In Plato. This is technically a shorter paraphrasing.
  6. Nihil igitur mors est, quoniam natura animi habetur mortalis Consequently death is nothing, since the nature of the soul is considered to be mortal Amor misceri cum timore non potest Love cannot be mixed with fear.
  7. Latin: ·second-person singular present passive subjunctive of mulcō· present active infinitive of mulceō· second-person singular present passive imperative of mulceō second-person singular present passive indicative of mulceō.
  8. Nemo me impune lacessit (No one provokes me with impunity) was the Latin motto of the Royal Stuart dynasty of Scotland from at least the reign of James VI when it appeared on the reverse side of merk coins minted in and It is the adopted motto of the Order of the Thistle and of three Scottish regiments of the British Army.

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